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router with our better broadband scheme

Working together to provide superfast rural broadband to everyone

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Stream. Browse. Play.

With our 100GB, 200GB and 300GB plans.

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Welcome to The Home Of Rural Broadband

Online Gaming? Streaming? High Speed Internet?

All YES With The Shack

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Never miss your favourite box sets again

With our high data packages

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Our lite plans are perfect for everyday browsers,
morning squinters and evening one-eye-openers

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If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days
we'll give you your money back

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99.9% Signal Availability

Superfast 4G Broadband

Not affected by rain or snow

Get superfast 4G broadband, no matter where you are!

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With the Broadband Shack, anyone can enjoy our superfast 4G internet
no matter where they are in the UK, including the most remote rural villages.

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14 Day
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Suart Shiel
Very friendly helpful and efficient staff easy to deal with..highly recommend
Joanne McCusker

Broadband Shack provided a speedy and effective service.