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Looking at the reviews and seem to be some mixed experiences. For me this is one of the best things we have done re internet provision. We were with a well known satellite company for over 2 years and had nothing but major issues with 2 systems which they could never get to the bottom off and as that company grew the customer service became really bad.. So left and went down the 4GLTE route replacing 2 satellite systems and thereby saving money and headaches (hopefully). We run a business in a rural location and are now experiencing speeds of between 30 and 40 meg download, much the same for upload with a 30 ms ping (compared to 180 ms ping, 20 meg download and 6 meg upload with satellite - when it did not drop out!). Installation by John at Satworks was great and he (and Ashley) ensured that I had the right receiver for our location to ensure the best speeds. Cant comment on data use as on a EE system and currently unable to see my data use so relying on a weekly report - hopefully this will be sorted in the future. I believe if on a Vodafone system you can get "real time" data use. Only one small glitch to date but think that this may have been down to me when transferring Ethernet connections etc, think the system tripped over it self, which has happened when we were with BT so not expecting this to be a issue. Quickly resolved by the good old turn off and back on trick! Looking forward to a long (and more positive relationship).
Kevin Vigars
June 28, 2018
I live in a rural location with no prospect of wired broadband. I have therefore tried it all. 4 years of satellite on Tooway. I have read some negative reviews but I have to say that the guys at Broadband Shack have been brilliant. They know their market and they know the limitations of their tech. There are also REAL HUMANS that call you back and help you. My advice is remember that Satellite has 3/4 sec (750 milliesecond) latency. 3/4G has virtually none that the average user notices so the same speed or even half the speed on 4G will likely be better than satellite. Also unless you pay for professional your link cuts out ALL the time. With regard to 4G do some due diligence with a phone and cheap 4G personal MIFI router and 3 or 4 PAYG Sims, then you will know which network is likely to deliver the best results in your location. You can buy external TS9 antenna for even these cheap ones like the Huawei 5573. For me a £180 Teltonika router and £100 omni-directional area did the trick 20-40 Mb down 5-12Mb up.
Reuben Carrdus
June 21, 2018
Broadband Shack provided a speedy and effective service.
Joanne McCusker
June 28, 2018
Very friendly helpful and efficient staff easy to deal with..highly recommend
Stuart Shield
June 28, 2018
Our Broadband Shack wireless broadband system (with external 4G antenna) consistently delivers 20-22 Mb/s, and our BT Business broadband delivers up to 1 Mb/s (OMG). People on the same road with Sky broadband say their speed is dreadful, not fast enough to stream TV. Broadband Shack staff were very helpful and explained all the options. As a small business working online in a rural location with no fibre available, we opted for the larger of 2 external 4G antennas (approx. 70mm Diameter x 350mm Height) and recommend this because we got 20 Mb/s download speed as soon as it was switched on. Latest broadband speed test results: Ping 199 ms, Download 22.63 Mb/s, Upload 15.55 Mb/s. Broadband Shack came to install the antenna and router so installation was easy. Highly recommend them for both the wireless broadband service provided and for great customer service.
David Egerton
June 28, 2018
Going the extra 10 miles. We're in a rural location. Nearest telephone exchange is 5 miles away. We have Satellite Broadband - 150Gig per month costs £155 per month!! - courtesy of BigBlu, a company I spent 2 hours trying to get through to on the telephone last summer and no solutions. The problem with Satellite broadband - it sounds good - but it doesn't deliver - and unless you pay for a high package you're soon suffering 'buffering'. Two companies later - we finally found Broadbandshack - exceptional service courtesy of Adam, Ashley and Gavin - and less than half of what we were paying before, for a bigger package and no latency (satellite 'lag') issues. These Guys are Good. They went 10 x the extra mile for us... Strongly recommended
Andrew McGavin
March 18, 2019
Very helpful company. Always get hold of someone on the phone and they do their best to resolve any issues. They are the only ones who can provide us broadband where all else fails. Fully recommended.
Kylie Stewart
February 27, 2019

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