Your 4G Broadband Installation Explained

4G Broadband Installation Explained – 4G Installation Guide, how it works


Struggling with poor mobile reception? Not a problem with a Broadband Shack 4G Installation!


1. High gain directional external 4G antenna

To receive your 4G broadband installation at your property, we fit a small antenna to the exterior of your property.

We do this to ensure that we offer you the best possible signal in your location which in turn will offer you best possible performance for your new 4G broadband system.

The high gain antenna receives the signal from outside of you property, amplify this signal and pass this through to your 4G Wi-Fi modem.

This is one of the reasons why if your own mobile signal is poor we can still offer you a fantastic service.


  1. 4G Wi-Fi Modem

Our external 4G high gain antenna is then cabled into our 4G Wi-Fi Modem inside your property. Please note that the maximum cable length between the outdoor antenna and indoor 4G Wi-Fi Modem is 5 metres. If you feel you will need more than this please advise our sale agent and we can discuss any other options we may have for you.

Our friendly engineer with then configure your 4G Wi-Fi Modem and within a few short minutes you will be connected and online.

Our 4G Wi-Fi Modem provides 2 LAN ports and wireless coverage for your home. If you need to extend your wireless cover we do offer a number of different solutions to help you do this. Please visit here for some more information.

What if I’ve only got poor mobile phone reception in my property?

Some people mistakenly think that, because they only get poor reception on their mobile phones when inside their property, we won’t be able to provide them with a fantastic 4G broadband service. Don’t be fooled, our external 4G antenna makes all the difference and here is a few reasons why.

Mobile phones are small – so their internal antennas have to be small. Therefore relatively weak and low gain. Mobile phones are designed to be used on the move, so their internal antennas are omnidirectional. An omnidirectional antenna will never deliver the performance of a directional antenna. Plus, when inside your property, there’s going to be one or more walls getting in the way of the signal to your mobile phone. The  directional 4G antenna that we install to the outside of your property will remove all these issues.

Think of it like your old-style TV. If you had a small aerial on top of your TV in your house the signal you will receive will never be as good as the aerial that is installed on the roof of your property. This is because of the interference and signal block of the walls within your property, compared to the aerial on your roof which will have clear line of sight.


4G Installation Explained